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Thread: A "typical" chat with eB for me..

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    Default A "typical" chat with eB for me..

    I especially loved the way she knew I was having frustrating problems before I even seemed to describe one (No.. the line order has NOT been switched around).. UNCANNY!

    Just for laughs.. also.. final proof that if you put a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters :

    11:22:31 PM System
    Initial Question/Comment: Buying/Bidding/Searching

    11:22:32 PM System
    Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help!

    11:22:38 PM System
    Theresa A. has joined this session!

    11:22:38 PM System
    Connected with Theresa A.

    11:22:44 PM Theresa A.
    Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Theresa. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?

    11:23:02 PM scorch56
    scorch56 - Mike

    11:23:11 PM scorch56

    <The chat line only showed my ID 1st (though I typed both) by the time I retyped my name.. the second half showed up.>

    11:23:15 PM Theresa A.
    Great, thanks Mike! How may I help you today?

    11:23:29 PM Theresa A.
    I know this can be frustrating at times but you are on the right track.


    11:23:38 PM Theresa A.
    Sorry for that.

    <Huh again?.. sorry for what? I hadn't typed anything yet.>

    11:24:42 PM scorch56
    Can you confirm for me that I'm not going crazy or having browser problems? Please go to Entertainment Memorabilia> Video Game Memorabilia and tell me what you see. I'm seeing travel trailers and audio speakers.

    11:27:34 PM scorch56
    I listed to video game plushes earlier this afternoon. I just NOW saw one show up at the top of the listings in that category.. but every other listing is for RVs and speakers.. weird.

    11:28:30 PM scorch56
    Are you seeing this?

    11:28:58 PM Theresa A.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Let me check this out for you right away.

    11:30:05 PM scorch56
    If you navigate from the home page or even the listing tree at the top of my listings it takes me there.

    11:31:08 PM scorch56
    I've been having ALL kinds of problems with listings lately.. about ready to do a virus check.

    11:31:54 PM Theresa A.
    I just checked and found out that you are right!

    11:32:15 PM scorch56
    I am? For once!

    11:32:28 PM Theresa A.
    There are trailers listed under Video Game Memorabilia.

    11:32:39 PM Theresa A.

    11:33:22 PM scorch56
    It's been taking 6 hours exactly for my listings to show up lately from submission to actually showing up.. I thought this might have something to do with it.

    11:33:45 PM Theresa A.
    In this case, the best thing to do here is for you to report it to our Trust &Safety Team. Would you like a link to do that?

    11:34:05 PM scorch56
    Also.. whenever I go into My eBay.. my listings have no hyperlinks to them.. just printing.. until I refresh a few times.

    11:35:06 PM scorch56
    I don't care if somebody else's trailer listings are there.. that's should be for YOU guys to report.. are MY listings in the RIGHT category though?

    11:36:16 PM Theresa A.
    To better assist you with your listing, may I have the item number please?

    11:36:48 PM scorch56
    120139594251 ; 120139611137

    11:37:01 PM Theresa A.
    Thanks for the information!

    11:37:06 PM Theresa A.
    One moment please while I pull out the listing for you.

    11:38:16 PM scorch56
    The Pa Rappa plush showed up minutes ago at the top of the category.

    11:38:48 PM scorch56
    I didn't browse any deeper than the first page.

    11:41:45 PM Theresa A.
    Thanks for patiently waiting!

    11:42:52 PM scorch56
    That's OK.. as long as MY listings are in the RIGHT category.. besides.. everytime I contact safety & trust about listing problems they ask me WHY I'm contacting them.. believe me.. I've been there.. done that.

    11:43:14 PM Theresa A.
    For item 120139594251, were you referring to 8 in. Animal Crossing K. K. Slider plush new! adorable?

    11:43:27 PM scorch56

    11:44:13 PM scorch56
    I listed him under VG memorabilia.. also the other listing.

    11:45:10 PM Theresa A.
    For the other item were you referring to Rare limited distro McDonalds Pa Rappa plush JPN import?

    11:45:16 PM scorch56

    11:48:00 PM scorch56
    Like I said.. it takes them 6 hours to show up the past few weeks. But they should be listed by now. eBay and I have been going round and round about that. Every explanation they give me as to WHY.. I disprove. So I just gave up and started my listings at offset times to make up for that.

    11:50:07 PM Theresa A.
    I just checked your item, and found out that you did some revisions in your listings.

    11:50:28 PM scorch56
    I just add counters to them.. that's all.

    11:51:30 PM scorch56
    If there are being other revisions done to them without my input.. that would explain a lot lately.. but I never see any noticeable differences.

    11:52:49 PM scorch56
    It doesn't make any difference whether I add the counter immediately after listing.. or don't at all.. every one of my listings lately.. shows up in the categories 6 hours to the minute AFTER I submit them.

    11:53:04 PM Theresa A.
    Every time you do some revisions in your listings that can also caused a delay because it will cause them to re index. <--

    11:55:12 PM scorch56
    They DO show up in My eBay immediately.. and they DO have a matching ending time.. but when they show up in the categories by browse.. it always 6 hours later by "Time newly listed". Believe me.. I've been told about revision delays to no end the past couple of weeks.. but I CAN submit a listing with NO revisions.. and it's still delayed by 6 hours so I don't think it's that.

    11:56:48 PM scorch56
    I've tried everything.. even creating my listings right in ebay as opposed to Auctiva. Even simply "relisting" an expired auction.. nothing makes any difference.

    11:57:56 PM Theresa A.
    When you list your item, you can search it by using the item number.

    11:58:46 PM scorch56
    Like I said.. I just gave up. I've had numerous dealings with reps about this and they all give the same canned answer regarding revisions and I disprove them. That's neither here nor there to me.. but then this quirk happened tonight and I just started pulling hair.. so are both of these auctions listed in the right place? Video game memorabilia?

    12:00:05 AM scorch56
    Yes.. I also now know where the "find my Item" page is and have used it extensively in the past couple of weeks.. but for the first six hours of ANY listing if I choose "find my items location" it will always tell me it doesn't exist yet.

    12:00:23 AM Theresa A.
    But when you search it using keyword search they takes up to several hours before you can search them because they are indexing.

    12:01:28 AM Theresa A.
    Just to clarify are these items like a stuff toy?

    <Uhm.. why? I wasn't asking for her advice as to WHERE to list them.. simply if they WERE where I listed them! Ahhh.. WTH.. let's just go along for the ride..>

    12:01:30 AM scorch56
    If I do ask it to find by item #.. it finds it.. but that doesn't surprise me as they always show up in MY eBay immediately. It's just that no one else can see them for six hours.

    12:02:32 AM scorch56
    Yes.. they are video game character stuffed toys.. and I wanted to list them under video game memorabilia? Is that where they are? The trailers and audio speakers threw me off.

    12:03:43 AM scorch56
    As long as THEY are in that category.. that's all I'm concerned about. If eBay has listed inappropriate items there.. frankly.. that's their problem.

    12:04:33 AM scorch56
    I have enough time correcting my OWN mistakes.

    12:05:15 AM scorch56
    I just needed someone to confirm for me that they ARE in that category.

    12:06:20 AM Theresa A.
    Yes, you put your item in the right category since they are video game memorabilia.

    <I'm so relieved.. I thought I mighta' shoulda' listed them in Household Appliances!>

    12:07:19 AM scorch56
    OK.. then I'm good. that's all I needed to know. eB can deal with the other wrong indexed listings. Thank you for your time & attention. Much appreciated.

    12:07:50 AM Theresa A.
    But wouldn't you think it's a good idea to report sellers who list their items in the wrong category? By doing that, you're making your items more visible to buyers

    <..And I've always preached that eBay likes to get US to do THEIR work!>

    12:08:55 AM Theresa A.
    So I suggest, you write to our Trust & Safety team. Would you like a link to do that?

    12:09:16 AM scorch56
    Yes.. but look at those mislisted items.. there are MANY of them.. and they are not ALL by the same sellers. That indicates to me that it is an eBay glitch and not the fault of a BUNCH of listers.. wouldn't you agree?

    12:10:31 AM scorch56
    If someone goes to the VG memo category and either browses.. or searches for "plushes" they'll see my listings.. so that's what I care about.

    12:11:17 AM Theresa A.
    Is there anything else I can assist you with?

    <I guess she gave up.>

    12:11:19 AM scorch56
    Like I said.. I've done the Trust & Safety thing many a time the last few weeks and they haven't solved anything for me.

    12:11:48 AM scorch56
    No thank you. Over & out.

    Well.. that certainly was enlightening AND helpful!

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    I hear ya on the emoticon at the bottom of your post. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if it is a glitch. I've noticed similar stuff lately and just chalked it up to seller error, as I seem to see the same items in the wrong place. Don't ask me to pinpoint what, exactly, as I just move on.

    The unrelated comments at the beginning of your convo were probably misfires of the macros the "support techs" have. Theresa A highlighted the wrong phrase cue and hit enter.

    Hmmm... coincidence, or not? No matter how many times I REset and SAVE my browsing preferences to "ending soonest" it comes up as "price_shipping - highest first"

    Ok, maybe there's a bit of sense in my preference being set like that. It wouldn't surprise me if they've locked it that way out of spite for me reporting someone with a penny item and $50 shipping! Or to get me to do their work for them <sigh>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassgrabber View Post
    Ok, maybe there's a bit of sense in my preference being set like that. It wouldn't surprise me if they've locked it that way out of spite for me reporting someone with a penny item and $50 shipping! Or to get me to do their work for them <sigh>
    .. ya' know.. that's funny!

    ..but all kidding aside.. sometimes I swear that's exactly the kind of things they do! A few months ago in the middle of one of my "bitch tirades" with them (I have many).. they did something like that to my account (or so it seemed). I really wish I could recall the specifics but I can't. All I remember was I was moaning to them about SOMETHING over the course of a few days.. back & forth. Then one day.. my accoun't behavior changed in a certain fashion as if you'd almost swear they were sarcastically throwing it back in my face for contacting them in the first place. It stayed that way for a few days then reverted back to normal and I didn't give it much more thought, but when it happened.. I thought exactly what you did.

    eBay would like to lead us to believe that our accounts, transactions and "doings" are autonomous (It gives them a good excuse for blowing you off when you ask them to correct something) but I believe.. late at night.. when nobody's watching.. the support techs must enjoy screwing with us a little. I know I would.

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