Hey Everybody,
This is just to let you know that forum member, Albailey's NES Homebrew that he programed and put together will be available at CGE! I think this will be the last place that anybody can buy a copy of the grey version of this game. He only made about 90, and about 60 have already been sold at two previous conventions/swap meets.

I am bringing down 30 grey copies of this game. All are individually numbered ##/100 with a security seal on the box and the cart. The games will be available at bunnyboy's Retrousb booth.

Honestly, I went to Al's work today to pick the games up (I am bringing them down with me), and the quality of this homebrew is unmatched. You hardly ever see a homebrew get created from scratch, and with this good of quality. As I mentioned, the cart comes in a tin box which is very slick.
Here is a picture of the box:

And a picture of the whole thing:

Now for the coolest part of all.
As some of you may know, Al made 5 limited edition GOLD carts. I believe this is the last one that has yet to be claimed.
The gold version of Sudoku will be available for auction at the CGE auction on Saturday evening. Here is a picture of the gold version:

100% of the money that this auction generates will be donated to the charity that Digital Press has chosen this year.
See everybody there!
For more information, see the original thread in Classic Gaming, here: