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Thread: wanted sega master system games

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    Default wanted sega master system games

    I am looking for the following, please :
    Obviously I would prefer to trade but could buy.

    Master System Hardware (Preferably boxed)
    3D glasses
    Infra red remote control (WKK)
    Pro Action replay cartridge
    Rapid fire unit
    SG Commander Pad
    Sports Pad

    Master System Games (would prefer complete, but would take box & cart)
    Alex Kidd The Lost stars
    Asterix great rescue
    Asterix Secret Mission
    Astro Warrior
    Buggy Run
    Championship Hockey
    Cheese Cat-astrophe
    Daffy Duck
    Dr Robotniks
    Dragon (Bruce Lee Story)
    Fantastic Dizzy
    Fantasy Zone the maze
    Golden Axe Warrior
    Home Alone
    Kings Quest
    Masters Of Combat
    Micro Machines
    Missile Defence 3D
    Montezuma's revenge
    Mortal Kombat II
    Outrun 3D
    Poseidon wars 3D
    Power strike
    power strike II
    Sonic spinball
    Spiderman & the sinister Six
    Sports Pad Football
    Streets Of rage
    Super off road
    The Incredible hulk
    The Ottifants
    The simpsons bart Vs the world
    The smurfs
    The smurfs travel the world
    Ultimate soccer
    Wonderboy in monster world
    Zaxxon 3D

    Master System Card games
    Bank panic
    Ghost house
    Great soccer
    Hang on

    Master System Box & manual
    Alex Kidd Hi Tech World
    Cloud Master
    Gain Ground
    Ghouls & Ghosts
    My Hero
    Outrun Europa
    Scramble Spirits
    Space Harrier 3D
    Summer Games

    Master System Manuals only
    Air Rescue
    American Baseball
    Assault City (Laser Version)
    Astro warrior/ Pit pot
    Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2
    Basketball nightmare
    Blade Eagle 3D
    Bubble Bobble
    California games 2
    Casino Games
    Chuck Rock II
    Cyborg Hunter
    Dead Angle
    Deep Duck Trouble
    Dynamite Dux
    ecco the dolphin
    Fantasy zone 2
    Forgotten Worlds (could also do with a new insert)
    Global Defence
    Hang on
    Hang on & Astro Warriors
    Heavyweight Champ
    James Bond 007 The Duel
    Krusty's funhouse
    Marble Madness
    Master Games 1
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
    Ms Pac Man
    Penguin Land
    Rainbow Islands
    R.C. Grand prix
    Road Rash
    Robocop 3
    Running Battle
    Secret Command
    Sensible Soccer
    Slap Shot
    Space Harrier
    Star Wars
    Super Space Invaders
    Super monaco GP
    Tecmo world cup '93
    Teddy Boy
    The Addams family
    The Simpsons Bart Vs Space Mutants
    Where in the world is carmen sandiago
    Wimbledon II
    Wonderboy 3 The Dragon's Trap
    WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge
    zillion 2

    Genesis manual
    Hit the Ice

    For Trading

    Master System Complete
    Alien 3
    back to the future III
    Cool Spot
    enduro racer
    global gladiators
    Master Of Darkness
    olympic gold
    populous (normal manual + manual in Dutch)
    robocop Vs terminator
    sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog 2
    sonic the hedgehog 2
    super kick off
    the jungle book
    the ninja
    Trivial Pursuit
    world grand prix
    world soccer
    world soccer

    Master System Cart & box only
    battle out run
    black belt
    california games
    champions of europe
    desert stike
    global gladiators
    indiana jones & the last crusade
    Line Of Fire
    Marksman shooting & Trap Shooting (US)--- , Now, there are no limits--- (cart has a rip where a stickers been pulled off)
    olympic gold
    Rastan --- box & cart (PLEASE note this box is missing the plastic & the inlay has been stuck to the box, NOT BY ME)
    sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog
    The Lucky Dime Caper
    the ninja
    the ninja
    Wonderboy III The Dragons Trap
    world grand prix
    world soccer

    Master System Cart only
    After Burner---
    American Pro football---
    Arcade Smash hits
    Battle Out Run
    Black Belt---
    California Games
    Castle Of Illusion
    Desert Strike
    Dynamite Dux
    Enduro Racer---
    Jurassic Park
    Marble Madness
    Outrun Europa
    PGA Tour Golf
    Secret Command
    Secret Command---
    Shadow Of The Beast
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    Summer Games
    Super Kick Off
    Super tennis
    Teddy Boy
    Teddy Boy
    Tennis Ace
    The Lucky Dime Caper
    The Ninja
    The Ninja
    World Soccer
    WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge
    Xenon 2

    Game gear games (Box, cart & manual)
    The Lion King (Majesco version)
    The Lucky dime caper

    Game gear games (all Cart only)
    Ax Battler
    Chuck Rock
    Joe Montana Football
    Joe Montana Football (Japanese version)
    Mortal Kombat
    NBA Jam
    Psychic World
    Sonic the hedgehog
    Sonic the hedgehog 2
    Sonic the hedgehog 2
    The Chessmaster
    The Chessmaster
    The Simpsons Bart Vs The Space Mutants
    The Simpsons Bart Vs The Space Mutants

    Mega Drive (Complete)
    Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II
    Eternal Champions special collector's edition
    FIFA International Soccer
    Ms Pac Man
    Power Monger (Genesis version) (Thick box, like a video box)
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    World Of Illusion
    The Lion King (Genesis version) (Cardboard box)

    Mega Drive (cart & box only)
    Fifa '95
    Fifa '97
    Golden Axe II
    Mega Games I
    Mega Games I
    Olympic Gold
    PGA Tour Golf (Genesis version)
    Side Pocket (Genesis version)
    T2 The Arcade Game

    Mega Cd
    Lethal Enforcers (gun set) (complete) (Sega CD)
    Road avenger (Complete)
    Road avenger (Complete)
    Road avenger (no instructions)
    Sega arcade classics (missing front cover)

    Blood Omen Legacy Of Kain (Complete)
    Bubble bobble (complete)
    Final Fantasy IX (Complete)
    Medal of honor (No front sleeve & no book)
    Medal of honor underground (no instructions)
    Point Blank 2 (In point Blank box, with point blank cover, no book)
    Point Blank 2 (Complete)
    Rainbow six (Ubi soft exclusive cover, no instructions)

    Other Playstation stuff
    Rayman (Book & box inserts, no game)
    Frogger (Book)
    The Fifth element (Book)

    5 Game discs
    Colin Mcrae 2.0
    Medal Of Honor Underground
    Rayman 2
    Sorcerer's Maze

    Carrier (complete)
    Extreme sports (complete)
    Virtua striker 2 Ver 2000 (no instructions)
    Virtua fighter 3tb (complete)
    WWF attitude get it (Complete)

    project Gotham racing 2 (classics version)

    Just contact me if you can help or I can help you.
    (Please note not all the duplicates I have are in perfect condition. Please ask & I will give you as honest an assessment as I can).
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