Sup folks, my wife went on the yard sale spree this morning and picked up a very clean (I would say near-mint condition) Atari 2600A 4-switch console system. It came with 2 joysticks in excellent condition, an original Atari A/C power adaptor, and 4 games: 2 Combats (why the people would have had 2 of them is beyond me), Phoenix, and Pac-Man. She said the people she bought it from were adults in their mid 40's, and the system was the man's that he had bought in the early 80's. They said it was working; I tested it anyway and each game fired right up. I think she may have overpaid a little on it at $15, but maybe not given the superb condition it's in. According to DP, it's listed at $10. So I'm not trying to make any money off of it; just get back what she paid for it. I would keep it myself if we had more room, but we have very limited space (2 bedroom apt. with a 1 year old I'll ship it out it out first thing Monday morning Priority Mail ($10) so $25 shipped Priority to anywhere in the US. I have a feedback forum somewhere on here, but I can't search for it due to the fact my name is only 3 letters! I have made several transactions here through many good people on Digital Press. If you have questions, message me. Thanks a lot and have a good rest of the weekend