Finally got an m82, thanks to a great member on this site. However, it needs a bit of TLC. Can someone give me a bit of help in cleaning/restoration?

-Was the unit originally gray, or unpainted? I can't tell from other pics online and this one looks repainted.
-Was there orginally a holster for the light gun? I've seen it referred to, but I haven't seen any pics.
-Any idea on how to fix the timer? Unhooking it disables the timer, but if I hook it back up, it resets to 30 seconds. I may need new parts on this one, or some other expertise - this is a huge longshot.
-Anyone have manual scans? gamersgraveyard used to, but those are down.
-Any info on the RF outlet? This one's AV work, but its not recognizing the RF.

This and/or any ohter info is greatly appreciated!