Well, I have been messing with the Vic for awhile, and I noticed something. Some carts I come across have really scraped up labels. And I started wondering why. Did everybody that had a Vic REALLY take such crappy care of their carts? Well, I really don't think so. I actually believe the Vic itself does this damage! Look inside your cart slot. You will notice a metal lip above the cart input that has some sort of cushion. Well, this cushion wears away after awhile (especially if you try other odd or wide shaped carts like the ones from UMI) and exposes the metal underneath this cushion. That metal is what scrapes the center of the cart label and eventually tears it after awhile. This is supposed to be some sort of cartridge "stabilizer", but does more damage than good. It really does not even need to be there. I opened my system today, unscrewed the mainboard, unscrewed the two screws on the underside of the mainboard holding this metal piece, and just removed it. Now even the carts that used to be difficult are nice and easy to insert and remove. And my cart labels will never get hurt again!