I always visit these forums but i never post. Anyways, im selling my Nintendo DS old style DS, for 150$ including shipping in great shape, only a few scratches on the top of the case when its closed. otherwise the screens are perfect, comes with an M3 flash card for homebrew(or whateever) and has a 1gb xd card. the xd micro card is held down since the spring inside the flash cart broke the day i got it, but a thumbtack is perfect and holds it in fine. also comes with several games:

Mario 64 ds, mr driller, sprung, wario ware, New Super Mario Bros, and Trace Memory(not opened). all games have boxes and manuals in perfect condition.
also the charger is included.

for reference id post another forum but that may be against the rules.

I am jbestow@hotmail.com paypal for payment or check. Id hate to do this but im a little behind on my bills. I love my DS but i'll get it again someday.