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Thread: Sony PVM 2530 + Saturn questions/help needed

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    Default Sony PVM 2530 + Saturn questions/help needed

    i recently bought a sony pvm 2530 for my RGB gameing and i'm have a few problems/questions

    for the sake of less hassel instead of haveing someone make me a seperate PVM cable for eatch system i had 2 PVM - female scart cables made so basicly i'm hooking things up with scart cables

    question: my SNES and PSone look pretty good useing the monitor but my saturn looks like crap. is there any way to tell if a SCART cable is outputting composite and not RGB? or do you just kinda have to play it by eye? to be honest my first venture into RGB has been a little underwhelming and i'm a little let down with all of it. perhaps i'm not playing the right games or i'm just used to the brighter screen on my newer tv but alot of what i played (snes, psone, saturn) i acually think looked as good or better on my CRT HDTV through S-video, scanlineless pixelation and all.

    second question, my PVM has a slight discoloration in the upper right corner. degusseing doesn't seem to get rid of it. its mostly a purpleish color blotch. is there a trick to getting rid of this? it doesn't make thigs unbearable but it is a little distracting and annoying.

    last question: my snes and psone play perfect on the monitor and although i complained a bit in my first question, beisides that and the color blotch they do look pretty good but the saturn just looks like crap. also the picture rolls verticaly. i tried useing the vertical adjustment knob and it doesn't help. for instance the saturn logo screen rolls and the language select screen. it also does this with every game i try. for instance in Layer Section it rolls alot dureing the intro and title screen. once you start playing the game it stabalized a good deal but it will still roll every once and awhile but gets especially bad if there is a large on screen explosion or alot of on screen action. i tested the saturn on a diffrent TV through S-video and it worked fine. my other systems work fine on the monitor so i'm guessing its maybe the saturn scart cable thats crap?

    thanks for any help, it is appricated.

    pictures added just click on them to enlarge

    notice how its off center

    i don't know, i know its had to tell but does that look like RGB quality?
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