I have a S-Video Modded Model 1 Genesis system for sale. The system has been modded for S-Video output, and for those that haven't seen one in action, the S-Video signal from the Genesis is absolutely outstanding. It makes the stardard composite output look like total shite. You'll be amazed that your Genesis carts and Sega CD games could look this good on a regular TV. This Genesis also has stereo sound outputs on the back (to make it more convienent than using a headphone jack adapter and having wires stick out the front). It also includes two dip switches. One is for JPN/USA, and the other is for NTSC/PAL (50/60hz).

This is Alien Soldier, the Treasure classic that never came to the USA. With the dip switch set to Japan, you can enjoy this classic in beautiful S-Video.

This is the back of my Model 1 Genny, while it's connected to a Sega CD. One of the nice benefits of having this Model 1 Genny that can do S-Video, is that all your Sega CD games will be output in S-Video as well. The third plug from the right, is the S-Video plug. It's kinda twisted sideways, but works just fine. To the left of the S-Video plug is the two audio plugs for the stereo sound. To the far left are the two dip switches.

Here are some comparison shots:

Look at how blurry that health bar is in composite. It's crystal clear in S-Video.

Sonic looks significantly brighter and more detailed in S-Vid.

Look at the TM and the part of the A in "Sega". Look at how much more defined and accurate it is.

I'm selling this for $55 plus shipping. PM me if interested.