Recently, I picked up NES Wizardry (Proving Grounds).

It will be interesting to compare it to CV Lord of the Dungeon after I've played it for a while.

Since LOTD was a prototype 1983 CV game, and Wizardry was a 1990 NES game, some differences are obvious. Graphics are better, though, like LOTD, they involve the dungeon and monsters.

I like the way you can buy anti-poison and healing potions in Wizardry, as well as certain magic potions (e.g. fire and sleep).

You have a better selection of things to buy in Wizardry, and to resurrect a character requires Temple help in town. Note that you can simulate this in LOTD, as my updated instructions mention, if you can resist the urge to cheat.

However, LOTD has tougher rules. You cannot use the Reset Trick. And the money you have is what you have- just by creating enough dummy characters and pooling the gold in Wizardry enough times will allow you to buy ANYTHING you want, even if it's 25,000 gold pieces.

You have more character races, and more classes (11). Gender exists in this game, and affects a character's attributes.

Overall, spells are about equal, with obvious similarities.

While there are more features in Wizardry than LOTD, this only matters the first time you play. Keys, dark areas, and the like are the same every time, so once you've been through it, you know.

LOTD has those special room-spaces. These are especially dangerous in the lower levels, as you would discover the first time you encounter Titans.

It'll be an interesting comparison as I play this game some more.