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Thread: Question about battery replacement

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    Default Question about battery replacement

    I am aware that there have been threads and post about this subject before but I need some help anyway. I need to replace a battery in my NES cart and am the type of person who has never used a soldering iron. I have heard that electrical tape works but something is lost to me when I read up on how to do things. Does anyone have a step by step instruction with pictures? I noticed that at least one of the threads had someone that used a compression method to put in the battery with the electrical tape that worked well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to experience Dragon Warrior for the first time without having to play it all in one sitting or resorting to emulation when I have the original stuff.

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    Learn to solder. It's not hard to do the type of work replacing a battery requires, just search Google for some soldering tutorials. The best iron you can purchase for intermediate to advanced work is the $8 30W (or are they all 25W now?) iron from Radio Shack. Desolder the battery and battery clip and replace it with a new battery clip that will alow easy replacement of the button cell in the future. (I believe there's a thread that shows this, about replacing SNES batteries)
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