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    Default FS: Sega / Atari / Nintendo Games

    Hey all.

    About me.
    I thought I should write a quick intro since I'm new to the site.. in fact this is only my second post. My name is Ryan, I'm 28 and I've been on and off collecting console games for about 14 years.

    Why am I selling?
    Unfortunately I've moved house about 10 times in this 14 year period and it's very tiresome moving everything each time. In addition my most recent move has been into a share house with my girlfriend and her parents. This is in an effort to save some cash, unfortunately there's just not enough storage space.

    What am i selling?
    Everything console related, a quick list I created below. I also have a number of consoles for sale but I really can't be bothered digging them all up and testing them at the moment because honestly I have no idea how much interest this post will generate.

    Why don't I sell on ebay?
    In my opinion ebay is only good for selling a really rare item and even in those cases it's easy to get burnt. I'd much sooner offer my small amount of wares to collectors hoping I can perhaps complete one of their sets. I've taken care of (the majority of) my games and I hate to let them go for 99c to some kid on ebay that's going to trash them.

    All genuine offers considered. Please pm me if more information is required. Detailed condition descriptions, working status and photos can be provided on request.

    Sega Genesis
    2 in 1 Bubsy & Jewel Master (w/ box & 2x instructions)
    Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (w/ box & instructions)
    Aero the Acro-bat 2 (w/ box & instructions) on hold
    Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (w/ box, instructions & catalogue)
    Another World (w/ box & instructions)
    Barney's Hide & Seek (w/ box & instructions)
    Batman Forever (w/ box & instructions)
    Battletoads (w/ box & instructions)
    Bloodshot (w/ box & instructions)
    Boogerman A Pick and Flick Adventure (w/ box & instructions)
    Brutal Paws of Fury (w/ box)
    Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball
    California Games (w/ box & instructions)
    Captain Planet (w/ box & instructions)
    Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest (w/ box & instructions)
    Columns (w/ box & instructions)
    Dark Castle (w/ box & instructions)
    David Robinson's Supreme Court (w/ box & instructions)
    Demolition Man (w/ box & instructions)
    Disney's Aladdin (Platinum Collection) (w/ box & instructions)
    Disney's Ariel the Little Mermaid (w/ box, instructions & catalogue)
    Disney's TaleSpin (w/ box & instructions)
    Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (w/ box & instructions)
    Dragon (w/ box & instructions)
    Dragon's Revenge (w/ box & instructions)
    Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun (w/ box & instructions)
    Ecco Jr. (w/ box & instructions)
    F1 (w/ box & instructions)
    F-117 Night Storm (w/ box & instructions)
    F-15 Strike Eagle 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    F22 Interceptor (w/ box & instructions)
    Fever Pitch Soccer (w/ box & instructions)
    FIFA Soccer 96 (w/ box & instructions)
    Foreman For Real (w/ box & instructions)
    Global Gladiators (w/ box, instructions & rego card)
    Hardball '94 (w/ box & instructions)
    Humans (w/ box & instructions)
    Hurricanes (w/ box, instructions, 2x catalogue & rego card)
    IMG International Tour Tennis (w/ box)
    Jewel Master (w/ box & instructions)
    John Madden Football '92 (w/ box & instructions)
    John Madden Football '93 (w/ box, instructions & 3x inserts)
    Judge Dredd (w/ box & instructions)
    Lemmings (w/ box & instructions)
    Light Crusader (w/ box & instructions)
    Lotus 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Man Overboard! (w/ box & instructions)
    McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (w/ box)
    Mega-Lo-Mania (w/ box & instructions)
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (w/ box & instructions)
    MicroMachines 2 Turbo Tournament (w/ box, instructions, certificate & invites) on hold
    MLBPA Baseball (w/ box & instructions)
    Mortal Kombat (w/ box & instructions)
    Mortal Kombat 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    NBA Jam (w/ box & instructions)
    NBA Jam TE (w/ box & instructions)
    NHL 95 (w/ box & instructions)
    PGA Tour Golf 3 (w/ box & instructions)
    Phantasy Star IV (w/ box & instructions)
    Pink Goes to Hollywood (w/ box & instructions)
    Pirates Gold (w/ box & instructions)
    Power Drive (w/ box & instructions)
    Power Monger (w/ box & instructions)
    Predator 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Pro Moves Soccer (sealed)
    Ranger X (sealed)
    Revolution X (w/ box & instructions)
    Rings of Power (w/ box & instructions)
    Road Rash 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Rugby World Cup 95 (w/ box & instructions)
    Sampras Tennis 96 (w/ box & instructions)
    Shane Warne Cricket (w/ box & instructions)
    Skitchin' (w/ box & instructions)
    Soleil (w/ box & instructions)
    Sonic 3D Flickies' Island (w/ box & instructions)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (w/ box & instructions)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (w/ box, instructions & catalogue)
    Space Harrier 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Speedball 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Splatterhouse 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Star Control (w/ box, 2x instructions & rego card)
    Stargate (w/ box & instructions)
    Street Figher 2 SCE (w/ box & instructions)
    Street Racer (w/ box & instructions)
    Strider 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Super Baseball 2020 (w/ box & instructions)
    Super Skidmarks (w/ box & instructions)
    Superman the Man of Steel (w/ box & instructions)
    SuperReal Basketball (w/ box & instructions)
    T2 The Arcade Game (w/ box & instructions)
    Taz in Escape From Mars (w/ box & instructions)
    The Incredible Crash Dummies (w/ box & instructions)
    The Lion King (w/ box & instructions)
    The Ottifants (Gold Collection) (w/ box & instructions)
    The Pagemaster (w/ box & instructions)
    The Pirates of Dark Water (w/ box & instructions)
    The Revenge of Shinobi (w/ box & instructions)
    The Terminator (w/ box & instructions)
    Tintin in Tibet (w/ box & instructions)
    Tony La Russa Baseball (w/ box)
    Two Crude Dudes (w/ box & instructions)
    World of illusion staring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Gold Collection) (w/ box & instructions)

    Sega 32X
    Cosmic Carnage 32X (w/ box & instructions)
    Metal Head 32X (w/ box & instructions)
    Star Wars Arcade 32X (w/ box & instructions)
    Virtua Fighter 32X (w/ box & instructions)

    Sega Saturn
    3-in-1 Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop, Daytona USA & 1x Nights Into Dreams sampler (w/ box, 3x instructions, 1x catalogue, 1x rego card, 1x mail rebate)
    Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (w/ box & instructions)
    Command & Conquer (w/ box & instructions)
    Crusader No Remorse (w/ box & instructions)
    Cyber Speedway (w/ box & instructions)
    Daytona USA (w/ box & instructions)
    Destruction Derby (w/ box & instructions)
    Ghen War (w/ box & instructions)
    Hard Core 4x4 (w/ box & instructions)
    Hi-Octane (w/ box, instructions & catalogue)
    Impact Racing (w/ box & instructions)
    Loaded (w/ box & instructions)
    Panzer Dragoon (w/ box & instructions)
    Scorcher (w/ box & instructions)
    Sega Rally (w/ box & instructions)
    Skeleton Warriors (w/ box & instructions)
    Space Jam (w/ box & instructions)
    Tunnel B1 (w/ box & instructions)
    Virtua Fighter (w/ box & instructions)
    Virtua Fighter 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    Virtua Fighter Kids (w/ box & instructions)

    Sega Master System
    Aerial Assault (w/ box & instructions)
    Arcade Smash Hits - Centipede, Missile Command & Breakout (w/ box & instructions)
    Batman Returns (w/ box & instructions)
    Fantasy Zone (w/ box & instructions)
    Ghost House (w/ box & instructions)
    Heavyweight Champ (w/ box & instructions)
    Master of Darkness (w/ box & instructions)
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (w/ box & instructions)
    My Hero (w/ box & instructions)
    Pac-Mania (w/ box & instructions)
    Parlour Games (w/ box & instructions)
    Psychic World (w/ box)
    Putt & Putter (w/ box & instructions)
    R.C. Grand Prix (cart only)
    Shadow Dancer (w/ box & instructions)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (cart only)
    Spy vs Spy (w/ box & instructions)
    Super Tennis (w/ box & instructions)
    Wonder Boy (w/ box & instructions)

    Atari 2600
    32 in 1 Game Cartridge
    California Games
    California Games
    Cosmic Ark
    Demon Attack (w/ instructions)
    Desert Falcon
    Double Dragon
    Dragonfire (w/ instructions)
    Fire Fighter (w/ box & instructions)
    Go for Gold Pak - Summer Games / Winter Games (w/ box & instructions)
    H.E.R.O. (w/ box, instructions & catalogue)
    Kung-Fu Master (w/ box)
    Laser Gates
    Mario Bros.
    Midnight Magic
    Missile Command
    Moon Patrol
    Ms. Pac-Man
    Ms. Pac-Man
    Ms. Pac-Man (w/ instructions)
    Plaque Attack
    Quick Step
    Realsports Soccer
    Riddle of the Sphinx
    Riddle of the Sphinx
    Riddle of the Sphinx (w/ instructions)
    River Raid
    River Raid
    River Raid II (w/ box & instructions)
    Smash Hit Pak - Frogger / Stampede / Seaquest / Boxing / Skiing
    Space Invaders
    Space Invaders
    Space Invaders (w/ instructions)
    Space War (w/ instructions)
    Sports Action Pak - Enduro / Ice Hockey / Fishing Derby / Dragster
    Star Voyager (w/ instructions)
    Super Action Pak - Pitfall! / Grand Prix / Laser Blast / Barnstorming
    Tank City
    Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (w/ box & instructions)
    Video Pinball (w/ instructions)
    Yars' Revenge

    Donkey Kong Classics (cart only w/ slip)
    Double Dragon 3 (cart only)
    Dr. Mario (w/ box)
    F15 HES (cart only)
    Faxanadu (cart only w/ slip)
    Karate Champ (cart only)
    Little Red Hood HES (cart only)
    Maxi-15 Pack HES (cart only w/ slip)
    Rainbow Islands (cart only)
    Shadowgate (w/ box)
    Sidewinder HES (w/ box & instructions)
    Solstice The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (w/ box & instructions)
    Super Mario Bros. (w/ box)
    Super Mario Bros. 2 (cart only w/ slip)
    Super Mario Bros. 3 (w/ box, instructions & catalogue)
    Tag Team Wrestling (cart only)
    The Adventure of Link (cart only w/ slip)
    The Adventure of Link (cart only)
    The Battle of Olympus (cart only)
    The Simpsons Bart vs the World (cart only)
    Wizards & Warriors 3 (w/ box)

    Super Star Wars (w/ box & instructions)
    Disney's Pinocchio (w/ box, instructions, catalogue & 2x inserts)

    Carnival (w/ box & instructions)
    Cosmic Avenger (w/ box & instructions)
    Lady Bug (w/ box & instructions)
    Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (w/ box & instructions)
    Venture (w/ box & instructions)

    Avenger (cart only)
    Cosmic Cruncher (w/ box)
    Omega Race (cart only)

    Well I hope there's something there that strikes interest in someone.

    Will trade for Sierra games, can't let go of everthing!

    I probably should also mention that in almost all circumstances these are Sega Megadrive (pal) versions not Genesis (ntsc) versions. Sorry if I caused some confusion, I've become too accustomed to calling it a Genesis for years now.

    Postage would also be from Australia and unfortunately it can be expensive for a single purchase. The best way to calculate the cost would be to go to Australia Post and select your country (ie US) from the drop down list and then dropdown the weight (for american dollars times by 0.9%). A rough price guide for the US is generally..

    0-250grams (1 game) Air AU$8.50 Sea AU$6.15 (US$7.65/5.54)
    250-500grams (2 to 3 games) Air AU$13.90 Sea AU$9.75 (US$12.51/8.78)
    500-750grams (3 to 4 games) Air AU$19.30 Sea AU$13.35 (US$17.37/12.02)
    750-1000grams (4 to 5 games) Air AU$24.70 Sea AU$16.95 (US$22.23/15.26)

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    ... I have a ton of Sierra games I can't sell, however I'd be willing to trade them away.

    If you have any Dreamcast, PS1 or PS2 games, let me know.

    Oh, crap, you're in Australia? Never mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edmond Dantes View Post
    I can't tell if we're discussing My Little Pony or Neon Genesis Evangelion anymore.
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    PMed for:

    Aero the Acro-bat 2 (w/ box & instructions)
    MicroMachines 2 Turbo Tournament (w/ box, instructions, certificate & invites)

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    pm sent
    My Sega collection, needs & trades :

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    Pm Sent!

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    anyone ever hear back from this guy???

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    No, nothing yet, but he's in Aussie land, so my guess would be that he is sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itobandito View Post
    anyone ever hear back from this guy???
    I heard back from him...seems like a nice fellow. He provided pics of the games I was enquiring about, and I have no doubt that he is legit...but again I have not conducted a deal..yet..

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    Hey all, sorry about the necropost.

    I just wanted to say I moved house and was unable to conduct any deals.

    I only just got my internet connection back.

    I just felt I should appologise to all those that pmed me as they are now no longer for sale.

    Sorry and Kind Regards,

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