I completely understand if you guys have to do it while I'm gone on work-related "work".

As soon as I took this yearlong fulltime National Guard job I knew my social life was going to be shot. I work Tuesday-Friday 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and "overtime" as needed. I'm on salary so overtime doesn't help me at all. :-\

On a side note, does anybody have a cheap arcade in the Oklahoma City metro area for sale? I've been eyeing a 2-slot Neo Geo but my wife thinks $325 delievered is too much.

I'd love even a cheap Neo-Geo conversion at this point but would take anything that is cheap enough for the wife to approve. The cheaper the better but I'd like a cartridge-based system so I can change the games out pretty easily. A sub $200 Neo Geo would be ideal.

On a second side note, for a future get-together, I live in a about 1250 square foot townhouse in Shawnee, which isn't exactly halfway between Tulsa and OKC but close, and wouldn't mind having a get together here with enough notice to get everything cleaned and organized. My wife and I moved in Aug and still have boxed up stuff around the place. I have the downstairs with a 32" SDTV and an upstairs with a 30" HDTV and could probably set up another TV in each room if people brought them. I have no objections as long as I had plenty of time to get things settled and cleared with the "CEO/CFO aka Wife". And as long as everything pitched together cash for pizza or something and up to 15 people or so.

Sorryu for the rant, been drinking as the wife is at work on New Years Eve and I've had basically a two-week vacation from work so I've been deeeerunk the whole time.