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Thread: New Trade/Sell List 10/28/07, See list inside

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    Default New Trade/Sell List 10/28/07, See list inside

    Hey guys, I am looking for shooters for about any system or will sell below.
    Here is my updated list:

    Dr Mario 64 complete in box $25
    Pilotwings with box $8
    Bomberman Hero with box $8
    Kirby 64 cart only $10
    Yoshi's Story with manual $10

    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest with manual $7
    Donkey Kong Country cart only $6
    Donkey Kong Country 2 cart only (has brett in sharpie on front bottom of cart) $7

    Growlanser Heritage of War Factory Sealed $45

    Medal of Honor European Assault no manual $7
    Project Gotham RAcing 2 $5
    Jade Emprie Limited Edition no bonus disc though $5
    Elder Scrolls III no manual plat hits $4
    Robotech Battlecry $5

    Jump Superstars game only $15

    Medal of Honor Frontline complete $7
    Evolution Worlds complete $9
    Namco Museum complete $9
    Wario Ware Inc complete $15
    Wario World complete $14
    Baten Kaitos Original and Origins sold as set $30
    Dragon's Lair 3d Complete $13

    Sega Saturn Official Sega Brand ram cart $20 (has some writing on label)

    APF TV Fun system with rf adapter tested and works $20

    Vay for Sega CD complete with manual, case, and map $25

    Warcraft Original Version BAttle Chest with Warcraft I & II, and Portal Expansion pack, all complete in box with guides, etc $35

    Lords Royal Collection in big box with everything $15

    That is everything for now.

    Thanks for the read
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