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Thread: FS: Nintendo NES Multicarts & Pirate carts (72-pin)

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    Default FS: Nintendo NES Multicarts & Pirate carts (72-pin)

    Hey guys,

    I've got some multicarts & some pirate carts for sale. I haven't made any prices yet so feel free to make me an offer.

    Here's a picture of them all together:

    Top row (left to right): 4-in-1 (w/Street Fighter), 4-in-1, 15-in-1, 19-in-1 (w/Street Fighter), 260-in-1, 1200-in-1
    Middle row (left to right): 4-in-1, 168-in-1, 168-in-1, 190-in-1, Super Mario Family 10-in-1, 260-in-1
    Bottom row (left to right): Konami cartridge (SMB 3), Gyrodine (SOLD!), Tiger-Heli, and Super Mario IV.

    Left half:

    Right half:

    And some close-up pics of the boxed ones:

    I have feedback on here, RFGen, NESWorld, NintendoAge, and of course eBay (video_gamers).

    Thanks for looking!

    (edit) Sold: Gyrodine
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    I'm always looking for new boxed NES accessories. If you've got any for sale, shoot me a PM!

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