I've got a few systems and use different cables and just wanted to know your opinions on how S-video stands between them and if its worth me craning around the back of the tv to use it (its harder to get to than the RGB Scart input! - I'm in the UK btw)

I use composite cables for the Atari 8-bit and PS2.
Scart RGB for the Sega Multimega.
Have had an N64 in storage and hooked it with the RF cable that came with it,
and the picture looks very washed out compared to the other systems. However, I do at least get a picture, on the other hand the Snes is a different story...

Last week found a Snes in the loft, the power light comes on, but when I plug the RF cable in I get no picture at all. The tv screen changes a tiny bit but its mainly interference maybe? It's basically the same as if I hadn't switched the Snes on, i.e., there's a slight bit of colour in the background but there ain't a picture!

I also had the same result when I took the RF cable for the N64 out of its modulator and put it in the Snes.

Just today I've "found" an S-video port on the back of the tv and was wondering about getting a cable and using it. I decided not to because its in an awkward position with my set up as the pc desk is that side of the tv.
The S-Vid port has the white and red audio jacks next to it, so I asssume you plug those three in and leave the yellow cable dangling?

I have a Nintendo Compositr cable on order, so I should be able to use that about the Snes and N64, but was thinking that S-Video is the only picture type I haven't seen for myself. Google says its better than Composite but not as good as Scart RGB.

The S-Video cables I've seen are only 1 or 2 more than a Composite, so that's no problem, it's just that its a bitch to plug it in, because of where the tv is, at least with Composite I just plug them in the front.

Does anyone use S-Video and Composite leads with their setups regularly, and do you notice a big difference?