I started playing MGS3 Subsistence on my 60gigger today, and I'm having a big problem. My square button (for guns) doesn't have very good analog sensing. I can only let off of the button lightly about 1/10 of the time. So I end up shooting when I don't want to. My O button is a little bit better, but not by much. When I press the triangle button during cutscenes to zoom in, it always snaps and zooms about halfway in initially, and then I have to very, very lightly let off to zoom back out.

I like the PS3 buttons because they're very snappy. They're great for action games and fighting games. I didn't like the PS2 buttons because they were mushy and set a little bit too low. But now I can't play MGS because I don't get proper analog detection. Am I the only one?