I'm not a MOH fan. never played any of the games. infact when I first heard about airborne, I thoguht it was just another "blah" ww2 shooter. I watched a trailor and I thoguht they were over hyping the game and it would'nt be as nearly as cool as the trailor would have you believe.

After playing the single player live demo about a dozen times, I am digging this game! it's fun to play over and over because you can play the map in different ways. one time through you may strictly snipe from the roof or you could can sneak behind the enemy postion and take them out from behind while they are engaded in a fire fight with your team or you could just flank the enemy anyway you want. sure the ai is scripted but it's still fun.

The unreal3 engine really shows in this game. the animations,textures etc. all look very smooth. the models look really good too. just as good as "Hells Highway" imo. the water puddels look especially awsome. it looks like water has drained and filled in between every crack in the street in some sections. a well placed grenade with send nazi's flying through the air like the redheaded rag-doll they are. good stuff.

I say it's currently the best ww2 shooter untill Hells highway comes out. I was very surprised at the qualiy of this game.

what do you guys think of it? is the multiplayer fun?