Hmm, what ever happened the classic copying systems? I am talking about SNES game copying. Gamars Super Disk FC-301 was never released in the U.S. due to it being straight up illegal. However, if you search online for this system, there is one legit link, and that talks about the Gamars and the specs of it, thats it.

Thus, I am sitting here thinking, "I have a Gamars sitting in my room as we speak that still works perfectly. The original copying system that copied SNES games to floppy disks and allow you to play them is chilling up on my desk, yet, it doesn't even get the credit it deserves. What would something like this be worth?"

Well heres the link to the my friends Ebay page, in which I am selling this:

Now heres the thing, I called Nintendo, and they don't even have this product on record. I asked the representative if there is anyone else that has a working one, and he said chances are slim to none. He told me its worth a lot more than I think, but I still don't know what I think lol.

Anyone want to buy it or got an information on this?