With my recent installation of Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 and my discovery, frustration and disappointment that the online servers for the game are no longer functioning, I am forced to wonder just what and how many pc and console games requiring online servers (unprovidable by a consumer) for online multiplay or to access special features have become defunct.

My brief list, please post the ones you know of and I will add to it.

Shenmue Passport (Dreamcast)
Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (Playstation2) (I imagine there's a defunct #1 as well)
Phantay Star Online (Dreamcast, Gamecube)
Meridian 59 (PC, though I've heard there are some fan servers)
Autoduel (PC, NCSoft)

In some cases the games still work, in others (Autoduel) original disks may only be usable as coasters and tree ornaments.

What ones can you think of?