Hi guys,

I'm trying to get all of the different aftermarket NES AC adaptors & RF units that have been floating around lately (i.e. Yobo, Innovation, GameStop, Playtech, etc). I'm basically looking for any that I don't have yet, as long as they're new in box and the box is in good condition (I've only got 6 so far out of the many available, so if you've got one, chances are high that I still need it). The only criteria for me is that they have to be advertised to be used with NES (or "Nintendo" as long as there's a distinction between Nintendo and Super Nintendo). There's lots of variants as well, so pics are always preferred. I'd be willing to buy them at a reasonable price or trade for them.

I've got feedback on here, RFGen, NESWorld, NintendoAge, and of course eBay (video_gamers).

Thanks for looking!