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Thread: play n trade video games store

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    Default play n trade video games store

    i live in a small town in eastern part of NC and this store is the first local (within 45 min. drive) store i've seen since Funcoland that actually sells older consoles and games. i went to the store for the first time last night after going to see I Am Legend. I was somewhat pleased with what i saw. there were snes, genesis, atari 2600/7800, ps1, n64, etc. games available. they seemed to be a little wiped out because of christmas.

    anyway, has anyone here ever been to this store or know how reliable or pricey their products are?

    i noticed they had the FC system and they were currently out of the FC Twin systems. i've been thinking of getting an FC for my older brother since his NES basically doesn't work anymore and i've been interested in the FC Twin for quite a while. i'm hoping to get my hands on a jaguar and a 3DO at a store like that instead of ordering off of Ebay.
    and having to pay for shipping.

    my collection can be found here:

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    There's a couple threads on P'nT already:

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