Heres the title screen:

Heres the cart:

(There used to be a James Pond III ROM on this cart), theres a build label visible underneath the RR3 ROM label.)

Big thanks to Qjimbo of for the assistance in the dump:

Some differences from the final:

* Some RR2 characters are still in there (Kakana, Bunker)
* At least one new character not in the other games, 'Nasty NAT'
* The title screen has a build date, and the tagline 'World Warriors' not 'Tour De Force' as in the final.
* graphical and sound glitches.
* The Japan track crashes - a lot.
* The 'Club' noise (IE when you hit someone with a club) plays at the start of each race.
* Mbote is 'Mobina' in this build and Smythe is 'Singh'.
* Bike descriptions are different - some of them look like theyre from RR2.
* After race comments are mostly from RR2.
* Bunker has a cop sprite, and can arrest you as such.
* Repoman's comments are different from the final.
* In options, you can select both engine noise and Music playing at the same time.
* Each race always starts with a car behind the starting line for some reason.
* Cheats are enabled by default for debug.
* Things like amount, your bike etc are not reset on a Game Over.
* Cops will still arrest you in snitch mode.
* Cops have different comments in snitch mode.

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Thanks - James