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Thread: SNES Kiosk speaker hum problem

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    Default SNES Kiosk speaker hum problem

    Hey! I bought a SNES kiosk recently like this one:

    And there is a constant hum coming from the speaker in the post and the speakers above the console but not the speakers near the light. It's not that noticeable if the game is playing loud but it's still there. I can unhook one connector and the sound only comes from the speakers near the light and sounds fine. I checked the plugs on the "subwoofer" in the post and they are fine. I'm guessing it's some issue with the amplifier or cables but I don't really know where to start. The kiosk gets it's video from the SNES RF but the audio from the composite (or is it component?) out. Anyone have any experience with this? I sent a PM to K3V but I haven't heard back.

    Thanks, y-bot

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    well it sounds like a sheilding problem, other than that i donno how to fix it.

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