I have been told that there is something about the 360 that prevents any game from supporting the use of a mouse or keyboard, despite the system's USB ports. Is this accurate? I haven't exhaustively tried out 360 games with a mouse plugged in, but I can't really find a firm statement that it can't be done. Except that a friend of mine told me he tried to play Command & Conquer 3 with a mouse and it didn't work. How lame.

Now, with PS3, I know that Unreal Tournament 3 supports mouse and keyboard (but the 360 version doesn't). Are there any other PS3 games that can use a mouse and/or keyboard?

Lastly, how about PS2? I did a little googling and all I found was someone saying that only a small few PS2 games supported a keyboard or mouse. Which ones would those be? I also saw a Logitech mouse that was marked as being for PS2 -- how is that different from any other USB mouse?