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    Another good, entertaining video review! I never played played Dick Tracy, but somehow knew it stunk.

    Quote Originally Posted by tcv View Post
    Landing in Top Gun.
    When I first played Top Gun at my friend's house in the late 1980s, I couldn't land on the aircraft carrier. It was impossible. Then, I remembered that pressing up moved the airplane down and pressing down moved the airplane up.

    I tried it again and when I got to the aircraft carrier sequence, whenever "up" flashed on the screen, I pressed down (to move up) and vice versa. From that point on, I was able to land fine every time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Mitchell View Post
    a large portion of the games he ranks on are actually very good games. (Castlevania II is a "shitty game that sucks ass"? Come on!)
    Top Gun was a fairly decent game at the time, but I never liked Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. I know it's a classic, but I found it to be too ambitious. I prefer Castlevania and Super Castlevania IV, which are straightforward action games.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Mitchell View Post
    there are some examples (Deadly Towers) where the game design is flawed in some way, but that doesn't mean it's a piece of shit.
    Deadly Towers is garbage. So is Rambo, Bad Street Brawler, Super Pitfall, Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum, Tag Team Wrestling, Karate Champ, and Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road.

    Then again, some people think urinals and cans of excrement are art.
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