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"When ONLY the S-VIDEO cable is plugged in NES games DO NOT DISPLAY ON SCREEN, so you need to either have both in and deal with the strange NES resolution, or unplug the S-VIDEO on both ends when using the NES side of the system. (SEE VIDEO OUTPUT COMPARISON BELOW)"

Frankie, it's interesting you say that. I also have a Retro Duo (I contributed to the earlier thread) and I tried this just this evening. Used only the S-video cables on each side. The NES games still displayed on the screen.

And I'm still getting a drop in the quality of the composite signal on the SNES. NES looks great on composite, crappy on S-video. The opposite for SNES. I'm heartened to see that someone else has duplicated my experience with the NES signal -- now what about the SNES one?
Interesting. I'll have to do some further tests on the S-Video display.

Perhaps it was because I had a game in the SNES slot at the time I tried it.

Though, if it turns out that it doesn't display any differently than my S-Video tests above...I guess it's moot.

Looks like I'll also have to do a photo comparison between SNES AV and S-Video. Though, while the SNES did look BETTER with S-Video in terms of crisp-ness, I didn't think that the games looked "crappy" with the AV cables - there was no "static resolution tearing" (or whatever you want to call that effect) issues like on the NES. What you see in the video is SNES on AV if that's any indication of the quality of AV inputs for now.

Give me a bit of time and I'll do a photo comparison, however, I won't be able to add it to to first post, as it's exceeded it's photo limitations.