Prices do not include shipping. As far as trades are concerned, I am looking for pre-cut lexan/plexiglass pieces for arcade sticks. I can provide dimensions and whatnot. If you have any q's let me know!

Lost & Found Volume 3

Only 50 copies of L&F Volume 3 were made for the Sega Saturn by the now defunct company Oldergames. Oldergames recently sold off the rest of their stock, so you won't see copies of either of these games floating around any time soon.

Volume 3:
(#s 6, 25, and 19 are avalable)

Sealed Magic Knight Rayearth signed by Vic and Kelly knight, $110

Iron storm signed by Vic Ireland $32

Sega Ages signed by Kelly Knight $32

Daytona CCE (New) $7, disc is loose

Club Saturn Music CD $10


Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 Beta white label disc $13