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Thread: a few free things for people in the chicago area

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    Default a few free things for people in the chicago area

    i really don't feel like monkeying around and putting these things on ebay because they are not worth very much, but i think they'd be good for someone who collects NES stuff. i move out of the city on April 22nd and these need to be gone by then. i don't want to just throw them away. i think these boxes are somewhat rare, at least i don't see these games around that often.

    there are NO GAMES...these are box and/or manual only

    Cyberball, box in very good shape, only a couple stickers on one side, otherwise it looks practically new. it also includes the manual and all inserts (at least all inserts that i am aware of)

    Family in decent shape...a little bit smashed

    Muppet Adventure...also box in decent shape, a little bit smashed.

    Tag Team Wrestling good shape

    I also have a copy of Tekken 3 for playstation (disc only) that you are welcome to.

    i live near wrigley field. if anyone wants this stuff, PM me and you can come by and get it. again, it's free, but maybe if you had a NES game box or two that you didn't need lying around, and it was one that i needed, you'd want to trade it.
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