I recently scored a motheload of TG stuff, and I now have in my possession a Turbo Duo. The only problem is...the cd drive is not spinning. It boots up cards nicely. On top of this, I am looking to see if there is anyone in the US who is doing mods for these(s-video). I am looking for someone who can help me at a fair price. Recommendations are great.

I also came across a good condition express, which is great because I checked mine and it is out . It powers up, but I get a black screen(lights up, but no picture). Is this repairable? I am looking for someone who can repair this at a fair price

I also have a Genesis that I want to mod to s video. If anyone can help me with the above(espically), that would be great. I know that I have asked in the past, but I erased my email and contacts. Any help is appreciated people. Thanks, John