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Seattle Mariners fans tired of paying money for the Nintendo Fan Network -- Nintendo's questionably useful in-stadium DS service that premiered last fall -- will be encouraged to hear that the service will now be offered for free to any Safeco Field attendee with a DS. The service lets you view MLB stats and scores, order overpriced food, and watch grainy, laggy video of the game that is actually going on right in front of you at the park if you'd just look up from the screen for a second jeez!

Nintendo also promises undisclosed "new features" will be coming soon, but even without them, The Slog's Sam Machkovech thinks the Network has some potential as a free service. He even urges his fellow Seattle brethren to "descend upon Safeco in droves, stare at your tiny screens mid-game, and be satisfied!" Now that's something we'd pay to see.

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