Hi all, I am looking to trade for some PC Engine Hu Cards, preferably loose but will trade for complete ones as well. What I have to trade is listed below; will also sell/purchase if need be. If you have any of the loose PC Engine games I am looking for please send me a pm.
Turbo Grafx Want: Parasol Stars Case Only
PC Engine Wants:
Circus Lido
Devil’s Crash
Ninja Gaiden
Makyo Densetsu (Legendary Axe)
Dragon Egg
PC Genjin 2
Atomic Robo Kid
Either Arcade Card

Have for Trade:
(All Hu Cards are Loose)
PC Engine:
R-Type 1 – with manual
R-Type 2
Kunio Dodgeball
Image Fight
Rock On
Neutopia II
Tiger Road
Bomberman – with manual
Bomberman 93’
Street Fighter II – with manual
Samurai Ghost
Final Match Tennis
Victory Road (I think…)
Out Run
CD-Rom2 System Card Ver. 2.1

US Turbo Grafx Stuff:
Keith Courage
Ninja Spirit
Blazing Lazers
Sidearms with manual
China Warrior Manual only

I also have a good amount of loose snes and nes stuff if anybodys interested. Thanks -Chris