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Thread: Dead sega saturn

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    Unhappy Dead sega saturn

    So I moved a few months back, and finally got around to trying out my Saturn again for a nice game of guardian heroes.

    Anyways, when I push the switch nothing happens. I got the system used on ebay a few years back, and hadn't had any problems before. The LED doesn't light up (I am assuming there is supposed to be an LED, its a US all black saturn, don't know the model specifically), the disc doesn't spin, and thus I am pretty sure there is no power.

    I opened it up, and looked at the ac adapter. I am pretty green when it comes to electronics, but to me it looked ok. The fuse looked good, the caps all looked clean. The only thing that was odd, was a horizontal spindle of copper wire (not sure what its called?) had what looked like melted splotches of black plastic on it. I checked the top part of the case and it didn't look like anything in particular had melted, but who knows.

    I also looked at the switch.. the solder joints looked clean, no cracking or anything. Could the switch just be dead?

    What can I do here? Of all my old systems this was the one I actually really cared about. What should I look for? Is it possible to buy replacement power supplies? Is there something else I can check?

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    You would need the right version PSU (there are three). The cheapest way to try out a replacement PSU, will be to buy a broken Saturn of the same version, and try a PSU swap.
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