Please PM me if you're interested in any of these. I don't have set prices in mind as of yet so feel free to make an offer or ask for prices. As for trades link me to your list and I'll check it out. Check the link in my signature for feedback and I also have Ebay feedback if you wish to see that as well. I just don't have the link handy at the moment.

ATARI 2600
Space Cavern Complete
Star Voyager Complete

Generator Volume 1 disc only
Web Browser 2.0 complete

Black Game Boy Pocket
Game Genie mint with booklet
True Lies cart only
Game Boy Advance SP without charger

Geist complete, case broken

FIFA International Soccer complete
Madden 92 no manual
Jungle Strike no manual
NFL 94 no manual
PGA European Tour no manual

Space Armada complete

NINTENDO 64(All cart only)
The Legend of Zelda: Major'as Mask gold cart w/ hologram
2 Performance brand memory card
1 Nintendo brand memory card
M.R.C. Multi-Racing Championship
Spider-Man red cart
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Episode I Racer
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater blue cart

Cobra Triangle no manual
Darkman mint with box, poster, and everything but the manual.
Dig Dug II cart only
Life Force cart only
Untested NES system only

Final Fantasy Anthology Box & Manual Only

Clock Tower 3 disc only
MX Unleashed Greatest Hits w/ case but cover is ripped off
Triple Play 2002 complete
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution Greatest Hits, no manual

Daytona USA

SEGA CD(All games come with back insert and manual unless noted)
Bill Walsh College Football
ESPN National Hockey
NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs Dallas 1978-1993 w/ box and front cover of manual
NHL 94 disc only

Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing cart only
Super Play Action Football no manual
Tecmo Super NBA Basketball cart only