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Thread: Great day now. yesterday was a sad day, watched as my Sega CD model 2 died in my arms

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    Default Great day now. yesterday was a sad day, watched as my Sega CD model 2 died in my arms

    Today I just swapped the lasers and walla..runs great. I noticed a tiny cut in one of the red wires and i guess the ground sheild did it, who knows when so if this laser goes out i will try that one again. thanks for letting me post.. :P

    No Help needed but when there was it needed it was.... I watched as each time I tried to get it to play Sonic CD it progressively got worst and now it wont get past the Sega logo after initially loading. I am good at taking it apart and I used duster and cleaned it out but is there a way to adjust or screw around with the lens/or something? Please let me know if you know anything about fixing the problem. I have another one thats broke as well, maybe switch out a module. Its potetic how little info I can find online about it..

    Cheers and thanks in advance..
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