<--- Long time stalker :O

Anywho, I'm looking to relive some memories to try and figure out what's wrong with me. As a child, my father got me into gaming and had me programming the 400 at age 7. Then we moved up to the XE, where I focused mainly on playing games rather than making them. lolz

Anyways, I'm hoping to find a mint XE with keyboard, gun, controllers, etc. Also, I'm looking for a cassette drive that came with some geography trivia game. I clearly remember my parents and their friends playing it at get togethers, and want to see what it was like for them.

Games would nice too, although I can't recall too many by name. One was like, Desert Falcon, where you were a bird shooting stuff down in Egypt I think. This one is important

Anyways, if you know someone selling a pristine unit/bundle, please let me know.