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Thread: FS: SNES/Saturn/Playstation games/consoles/accessories

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    Default FS: SNES/Saturn/Playstation games/consoles/accessories

    My wife doesn't want me to buy any new toys until I sell some old stuff. I really would like to get a digital SLR and a new Macbook Pro when the new models are released. So it looks like I need to sell some stuff.

    I'm not looking for any trades at the moment.

    Photos are by request at this time.

    I haven't completed pricing everything individually. Feel free to make offers on whatever you want. I will try to finish pricing everything in the next two days or so.

    Super Nintendo
    Super Nintendo with 3 controllers, RF and power cord $40
    Breath of Fire (Loose) $20
    Lost Vikings 2 (Loose) $20
    Secert of Evermore (Loose) $20
    Sunset Riders (Loose) $20

    Sony Playstation
    Chrono Cross [BL] (Complete) $30
    Final Fantasy VII [BL] (Complete) $75
    Final Fantasy VII [BL] (Loose--Disc 2 and 2 Disc 3s) $15 per disc
    Final Fantasy VIII [BL] (Complete except might be missing manual as I recall it came with a manual and mini-guide seperate) $30
    Final Fantasy Anthology [BL] (Complete except music CD) $30
    Final Fantasy Origins [BL] (Complete) $30
    Final Fantasy Tactics [BL] (Complete) $50
    Final Fantasy Tactics [GH] (Complete) $30
    Final Fantasy Tactics [GH] (Loose) $20
    Ogre Tactics [BL] (Complete) $75
    Parasite Eve II [BL] (Complete) $30
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis [BL] (Complete) $30

    Sega Saturn USA $275 shipped
    Sega Saturn Model 2 with 2 controllers, 1 3D controller, 1 Stunner Gun, RCA cables, power cord and 3rd party carrying case.
    Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (Complete)
    Clockwork Knight (Complete)
    Clockwork Knight II (Complete)
    Daytona USA [NFR] (Disc and front jewel insert)
    Dragon Force (Complete)
    NiGHTS into Dreams... [NFR] (Disc and both jewel inserts)
    Panzer Dragoon (Complete)
    Panzer Dragoon Zwei (Complete)
    Sega Rally Championship International Rally (Loose)
    Virtua Cop [NFR] (Disc and front jewel insert)
    Virtua Fighter 2 (Complete)

    Sega Saturn JPN $450 shipped (will be quite heavy with all the accessories)
    White chipped Sega Saturn with 1 controller, 2 wireless white controllers, 2 white Virtua Sticks, 2 black/yellow Stunner Guns (1 boxed), RCA cables and power cord.
    Gradius Deluxe Pack (complete except spine)
    Real Bout Fatal Fury (disc and manual)
    Virtua Cop 2 (complete except spine)

    Sega Saturn EUR $25 with purchase of one of the Sega Saturn lots
    Sega Saturn Backup Memory Cartridge

    Now to some of the fine points. I will only accept USPS money orders at this time.

    I will not ship outside of the U.S. at this time.

    Due to the hours and days I work, all items will ship the following Monday after payment is received. If you need or want the item shipped as soon as payment is received, get with me before hand so we can adjust the shipping price to ship through UPS at the Staples down the street after work.

    For those few who live around the Oklahoma City area, you can pick up the items in Shawnee or I can meet you around OKC Tuesday-Friday. Cash will be the only payment for items this way.

    Any other questions feel free to PM. I will try to periodically check my PMs throughout the day. This site is blocked at work but I guess that's why I own a smart phone.
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    Feel free to give me offers on any item. I just need to raise capitial for a new notebook and camera.

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