I fired up my Saturn after collecting dust for some time (so to speak) and played Last Gladiators Pinball ( one of the best in my opinion but I'm partial to both pinball, and the sound track). I later played Myst and no problems. However, when my fiance popped in Warcraft II, the screen started bumping up and down and at the top when the display moves down, you can see a strip of black. It's very hard on the eyes and I tried cleaning the spin area, cleaning the disk (scratched only a little), resetting it, playing with system options, clearing all system settings, re-plugging in AV cord and wracking my brain for options. Nothing works.

Can this be fixed? I can purchase a new one online but I want to fix if possible. I'm not a super techy so please keep your explanations reasonably simple (although I did build my computer). It is a MODEL 1 Saturn. Otherwise, it worked fine with the other games and when games are put in, the screen display bumps up and down. Thanks for any help.