Here's the deal, my wife and my little daugther were born in the same date,therefore they share the same birthday(yes, almost like twins),which is coming soon....So,I'm looking for that extra cash to throw a huge party for them...I hope you guys can help out..
All systems,accesories are in good working condition..Prices are negotiable...Shipping cost will be calculated according to the destination..If you have any questions or comments,Please feel free to drop me a PM.

Super Nintendo TRI-STAR (Yes, plugs on top of the SNES or SFC systems)to play SNES/SFC games as well a Famicom and NES games.....$75.00

Complete SNES System,This system has been specially designed to be used with the TRI-STAR, since the actual tri-star takes and blocks the native SNES AV port, with the now built-in S-video and Audio jacks, you'll have the advantage to still enjoy your SNES/SFC in s-video mode without having to un-plug the TRI-STAR at all to do so, because the tri-star AV port only outputs composite video and sound without RGB or s-video...The system comes with 2 controllers,power supply,Av Cables and s-video cable.....$65

Sega Genesis Model 1 with Sega Cd model 1 systems.....The Genesis has been modded with s-video,A/V jacks,stereo sound, US/JAP region switch and the cartridge slot widened to play Japanese Megadrive games...This package comes with 1 official 6 button controller,Power Supplies,electromagnetic metal plate, A/V cables and s-video cable...$90 for this combo

Sega Genesis Model 2 with Sega Cd model 2 systems.......The Genesis 2 has been modded with s-video,A/V jacks, stereo sound, US/JAP region switch( located next to the 9 mini pin din Av port connector) and the cartridge slot widened to play Japanese Megadrive games....This combo includes,1 official 6 button controller, Power supplies, electromagnetic metal plate, A/V cable and s-video cable.....$90

Sega Genesis 3 system, it has been modded with s-video, A/V jacks and with US/JAP region switch to play Japanese Megadrive games as well.....This system comes with 1 official 6 button controller, A/V cable and power supply...$55 (Hey, looks like Sonic)

Japanese PC engine Core Grafx II system,comes with everything in the pic....$55

And Finally, a Famicom to NES converter....plays Famicom games in any NES, Retro Duo and other clones systems...(Designed for the front loader NES, but works well with other systems)....$40