Let me know if you are interested in anything. Shipping is exactly whatever it costs me (from Canada). The more shit you buy, the more I'll cut off the final price.

Gameboy (all are loose):

Donkey Kong Land III minor writing on label - $5
Super Mario Land II PC version, very minor label fading - $4
Super Mario Land CAN release - $4
Kirby's Dream Land - $5
Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening PC version - $7
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons $10

NES (all loose):

Wayne's World - $20
Cliffhanger end label is completely peeled, as most Cliffhangers are letters "DCH" are written on label, about half an inch $5
After Burner Sticker and residue on label $2
Super Spike V Ball $2
Quattro Adventure $3
Michael Andretti World GP - $4
Trojan back of cart has minor scratching - $5
ORB 3D - $4
Kung Fu 5 screw - $5
Soccer CAN release $5
Ghosts N Ghoblins small nick in end label, and bottom of main label - $4
Giligan's Island poor condition label severely peeled at bottom, stickers, writing - $3
Donkey Kong Jr. minor peeling of bottom of label 5 screw - $10
Arkanoid 5 screw - $7


Junlge Strike poor condition - $2
NCAA Final Four Basketball - $2
WWF Wrestlemania marker on c art, label has minor issues- $2
Super Star Wars - $3
Tecmo NBA Basketball CIB no tray - $3.50
NBA Jam boxed $3
NBA Jam T.E. CIB no tray $3.50