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Thread: Valkyria Chronicles: November 11, 2008

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    Default Valkyria Chronicles: November 11, 2008

    (Darn it, the previous thread got deleted...)

    Just got my hands on a 60gb PS3 through a trade with Kid Ice, and the first thing I did was register a Japanese account and checked out the downloads. Come to find out there are some fantastic High Res. downloads for Valkyrie of the Battlefield.

    Anyone else looking forward to the game? I really like the art style, and the game play sounds like a refined Ring of Red.

    Some things about it:
    -PS3 Exclusive
    -Developed by Sega, and being localized by them also.
    -Known as Valkyrie of the Battlefield in Japan, Valkyria Chronicles in the US.
    -To be Released on November 11, 2008 in the states.
    -Japan got theirs back in April with a limited edition, including two figures and a few other things.
    -Small little area on for US release:
    -Wiki listing for it is pretty darn good:

    Hope this game is a winner when it comes out over here, Japan is really enjoying it. Rock and roll.


    Edit: Gameplay article from E3:
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