Hello. I am the Game Dude. I was the Annoyed Gaming Geek, but because that name is a rip off of the Angry Video Game Nerd, I changed it to Mega Gamer, but because that name is a rip off of the iRate Gamer, I changed it to Game Dude.

I have been reviewing video games for 2 months. I've never written a script, voice acted, edited a video, and have barely used a video camera, so don't complain too much if you don't like the videos. I taught myself everything. One day, I literally, just randomly jumped into it. If you don't like my videos, I will accept logical constructive criticism, but no insults. Besides, there's no excuse for anyone, not to be able to do as good, or better than me, since I did it from the ground up, by myself.

All my videos are inspired of the Angry Video Game Nerd, and he made a favorite of one of them, and he wrote back a letter in response saying that he likes my videos. Personally, I don't like them, for the same reasons you may not.

Here is a link to my Youtube account:


Remember that all flaws are obsolete, for I've just started VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL today, so all the videos might as well not exist. I will strive for the best, and never give up. Tomorrow, will be the first day I will hopefully learn something, I didn't have to painstakingly teach myself. Trust me. It was a pain in the ass, having to learn by myself, and it will still, and always will be a pain in the ass, making high quality video game reviews.

Yes, my voice is annoying, and the acting is shit, but everything will change. Subscribe if you like. My goal is do high quality reviews like the Nerd, but be original. I'm going all out, and I'll intertwine some live action stories in there too, but not be a rip off, and maybe even have my own theme song. I was thinking of some dude playing the piano while singing or something. No, he will not be playing a guitar for obvious reasons.

I like all video game reviewers, but the mockeries. Nerd is the king. Long live the Nerd.

I would like some advice, too. Thanks.