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Thread: Conversation on "games as art" in Podcast form

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    Default Conversation on "games as art" in Podcast form

    I figured this needed to be brought to the community's attention.

    1up FM posted their latest Podcast on Monday and it consists of a two hour conversation with Jonathon Blow (of Braid fame), David Hellman (artist for Braid and co-creator of A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible), and Rod Humble (The Marriage, Stars over Half Moon Bay, and of The Sims series). The focus of the conversation is on games as art, but it sprawls into game theory, mainstream gaming, and the ethics of game design. It’s one of the best conversations on gaming that I've ever heard (though I disagree with a lot of the points made) and serves as an important bellwether in expanding the hobby.

    I'd encourage anyone who takes gaming seriously or has an interest in the evolution of the art form to give it a listen.

    Edit: With the other links, I should probably include a link to the Podcast itself. You can get it here
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