Hey guys, I have a Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine that I want to trade for a Wii and controllers and games and such, a bundle.

It is a standard Arcade Cabinet, with Killer Instinct 2 Sideart.

-Fresh paint on the front and touch up paint on the sides
-New Happ Buttons and Sticks, done in Capcom fashion (Red-White-Blue)
-Cabinet is CLEAN INSIDE & OUT
-Hookup is of course JAMMA, so you can put any JAMMA PCB in, including Neo Geo MVS, Atomiswave, and such
-Monitor works and has no Burn in

All you need is a nice Wii Bundle (With physical games, I don't care about Virtual Console or whatever, I have all of them in original form anyway), with extra controllers. (Smash Brawl, Mario Galaxy, and stuff like that), and a U-Haul. You supply the transportation.

Given that I am in Toronto, you can travel from as far as you like. Mississauga, Etobicoke, Ottawa, Montreal, I don't care, it's your ride. (Hell, even from USA, if you can drive across the border for it.)

PM, reply or e-mail. If you PM or e-mail, please reply here as well, by saying you sent one.