I have a Japanese, white PSP Giga Pack complete in box, it's the first PSP model. It comes with everything it originally did, some of which has never been opened. System, Charger, USB Cable, Case, Cloth, Stand, 1 GB memory stick, headphones, headphone remote module, booklets, baggies, etc.

Half of the accessories have never been used, half used very lightly. The system has seen use and isn't perfect, but still in very good condition. The analog stick shows a little discoloration and one of the face buttons has a mark on it. The outer box is in very good condition.

It has modded firmware (an older one, 3.30 OE-A or something around there, if I am remembering correctly) I could possibly reset the firmware to stock PSP if it was an issue.

I'm just looking for a ballpark figure. If someone knows what something like this goes for on ebay, that wouldn't be even better. Don't worry, I'll try and sell it here for less first. ;-)