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Thread: PS3 taking BC totally out What the Heck

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    Default PS3 taking BC totally out What the Heck

    I want to first start this post with the fact that I own a PS3 20 gig and love it. I just recently noticed that the the "new" PS3 80GB will not be backwards compatible with PS2 games at all. What the heck? Is Sony that stupid? Does this mean that all new PS3s wont be able to play PS2 games at all? From a business standpoint, to alienate the 140 million console users that bought the PS2 by not allowing backwards compatibility on the upgraded system is pretty lame. The days of not having backwards compatibility are over. To not even have software emulation available for the PS2 on the new system will definitely get people talking. The ironic thing about the PS3 as the "everything machine" that plays Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, surf the net, attach a keyboard is missing one very big advantage...playing the games that helped it get there in the first place. have stupid monkeys coming up with your strategy to win back owners.

    I apologize for the rant, I am actually a big Sony fan, that is just frustrated on how they are marketing the PS3. People are going to be confused.
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