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Thread: Need Help Identifying and Finding a Few Apple II Games

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    I resolved to take my queries to another board, and they have at least borne fruit!

    It has been suggested that Game 2 might be Chalice of Mostania.

    Game 3 appears to be "Catapult Capers" from MECC's Conquering Ratios and Proportions.

    And Game 4 is "Mazes of Rodentia", a component of MECC's Mind Puzzles. (Another game I have long sought, featuring bees, corresponds to "Queen Bee of Menta", the other game on the disk.)

    Perhaps InsaneDavid will materialize and confirm Games 2 and 3? (He's still around, right..?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorpho View Post
    Perhaps InsaneDavid will materialize and confirm Games 2 and 3? (He's still around, right..?)
    I'm a glutton for punishment and all that so yes, I'm still here.

    Game 3 is absolutely "Catapult Capers" from Conquering Ratios and Proportions. Damn that game pissed me off as a kid because the "work" part to get to the game was so boring.

    "Mazes of Rodentia" is also another spectacular find (Game 4), thanks for tracking these down!

    "Chalice of Mostania" looks to be Game 2 but I need to take a moment to check it out to be sure.

    Additionally I was incorrect in the game title "Special Delivery" - it's actually "Pizza To Go." Both Pizza To Go and Rocket Factory can be found here - - and I'll update the first post in the thread to reflect the new findings.
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