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Thread: Price Check:N64 Game System with Games & Original XBOX system with Games

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    Default Price Check:N64 Game System with Games & Original XBOX system with Games

    I have a black N64 game system in good clean,working condition and an original Xbox in good,clean,working condition also.I'd like to sell these systems but would like a general opinion of what I could possibly get for them.First up is the Black N64:It comes with all the connectors and 10 games.The games include:

    -Pokemon Stadium/with manual
    -Pokemon Stadium 2/no manual
    -Official grey N64 transfer pak
    -The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask
    -Doom 64
    -Waialae Country Club
    -Castlevania Legacy Of Darkness
    -Dr.Mario 64
    -Super Smash Bros.
    -Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    -Command & Conquer
    -Black N64 Jumper pak
    -3 controllers:See-through green,Atomic purple and standard grey

    *All games have been cleaned,tested and are working

    Now for the XBOX:

    It is also in very good,clean,working condition.It comes with all wires,one controllerand 5 games.The games are:

    -Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (best of platinum hits)
    -The Dukes Of Hazzard Return Of The General Lee
    -Bicycle Casino includes Texas Hold'em
    -Project Gothem Racing
    -AMF Bowling 2004

    Can anyone give me a rough estimate to what these systems might be worth either seperately or for both combined,please?Thanks.
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