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Thread: stuff for sale Complete GBA Games, and loose GBA GAMES, PS1/PS2 RPGS Ikaruga

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    Default stuff for sale Complete GBA Games, and loose GBA GAMES, PS1/PS2 RPGS Ikaruga

    gba games

    all games cart only except as noted.

    Castlevania Circle of the moon
    Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance
    Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow
    take all three castlevanias for 35 shipped

    Pinball of the dead 15.00
    Gunstar Superheroes with mint box 30.00
    Guardian Heroes Advance 15.00
    The Legend Of Zelda a link to the past 10.00
    Super Mario Advance 4 10.00
    The legend of zelda Classic NES series 10.00
    River City Ransom with box (box has slight crease on top) 25.00
    Final Fight one 10.00
    Advance Wars 7.00
    Golden sun 7.00
    Final Fantasy I+II 15.00
    Fire Emblem the sacred stones with box 15.00

    Ikaruga 35

    ps1 Games
    medievil 20
    medievil II 20
    Brave Fencer Musashi 20

    ps2 games
    Shining Force Neo with Guide 35
    Suikoden III 25
    Tales of Legendia 25
    YS Ark of Napatism 30
    valkyrie profile 2 30

    Some Rare NES Games

    Mighty Final Fight 25 shipped
    Mega Man 6 15 shipped
    Sword Master 15 shipped

    Generation NEX system plus a bunch of games

    ALL NES GAMES 5 DOLLARS! 10.00 min
    Aristas Ring
    Bad Dudes
    Bases Loaded
    Captain Skyhawk
    Caveman Games
    Clash at DemonHead
    Dash Galaxy
    Dragon Warrior
    Duck Hunt
    Festers quest
    rad gravity
    raid 2029
    RC pro am
    section z
    tecmo world wrestling
    time lord
    to the earth
    track and field 2
    Ultima Exodus
    Wheres Waldo
    Win Lose or draw
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