Ok, it is no surprise that I'm an achievement whore and that I live on my xbox 360. Its true at that. I've dealt with all the RR0D bullshit and various other errors but now I have a new error that could effect any 360 fan.

About 3 weeks ago I was told by another gamer that they couldn't load any new games to there gamertag. Meaning any new title would not register as being played, including the achievements for said games. I blew it off as a fluke and moved on. Then one of my friends had it happen with 479 games played on his account. It actually moved the ones he got achievements in to the bottom of his games played list, which is where the older played games are. Any other new titles....no go.

Now your all probably thinking, so what. Well, if you are into gamerscore in anyway shape or form, this will effect you. It also messes with the online leaderboards as it doesn't see that you are actually playing online. I know I'm bitching in a way about an e-penis, but the fact is I like to compare games with my friends, looking at achievements etc etc etc.

It just shows that MS can't even do this part right either and the lack of help I got from Microsoft on this issue is a joke. (they had no idea) I've always been a supporter of the system but this is just about enough.